Zoom Phone: Seamless Communication Across Australia

Enable the modern workforce with Zoom’s cloud phone system – Zoom Phone. Bring together your voice, video and chat into one unified, connected cloud phone platform.

Zoom. More than meetings.

Say hello to Zoom Phone

Gone are the days tied to a desk, where traditional on-premise PBX phone systems were the only option. Today, you need a system that’s mobile, manageable and scalable. Allowing you to adapt quickly and enhance your employee (and customer) experience.

Innovate your evolving business with Zoom Phone and take your communications to the cloud, keeping your team connected, productive and unified no matter how (or where) they work.

Support your evolving, work-anywhere world

Zoom Phone is more than a simple cloud-based phone system. It brings together video, voice, chat and meetings into one unified communications platform. It’s designed for the modern, ever-evolving modern business, with centralised management and HD audio quality.

Why migrate your PBX phone system to the cloud?

Moving your PBX system from on-premise to the cloud enables your business to scale up and down as your business evolves, increasing productivity, reducing potential costs and optimising system management. All this plus the ability to keep connected no matter where – or how – your team works.

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Migrating your phone system sound like a nightmare?

We’re not just a Zoom reseller. Our project team can manage your migration end to end, working alongside your team from discovery through installation and deployment. Allowing you to focus on your business, not tech.

Unify your communication tools

Expand your Zoom world, bringing together all your communications into a single platform with Zoom Phone. Enjoy traditional PBX features with all the advances of the cloud and a centralised administration portal. You also gain access to our expert communications team for service and support.

Does Zoom Phone integrate with other applications and hardware?

One of the many benefits of choosing Zoom Phone is its ability to integrate with top applications and leading hardware manufacturers. Meaning, you don’t have to start over with new equipment or revamp how your business works.

Here’s just a handful of integration options available.

To see how your integration would work, book a tailored demonstration with our team.

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National on-going service and support

By choosing Zoom through FUJIFILM CodeBlue, you get access to commercial pricing as well as on-going service and support from our team of communication experts. We can also manage your migration project from start to finish, allowing you to focus on business and technology deployment.

Book a demo and get 3 months free!*

See Zoom Phone in action with a tailored demonstration with our experts, allowing you to see Zoom Phone’s features and application first-first. Plus any virtual or in-person demos get access to our exclusive 3-months free offer.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Zoom Phone features at a glance

Designed for users, Zoom Phone features give you a flexible, mobile and powerful cloud phone system. Whether connecting via Zoom’s mobile or the desktop app, your team will get access to a range of user-centric features, from call forwarding all the way to call recording and more.

You can also:

  • Assign, provision and manage devices
  • Integrate Call Centre service solutions
  • Customise on hold messages and music
  • Use single sign-on (SSO) for secure, easy access
  • Implement API and custom workflows
  • Access advanced analytics and create custom dashboards

Ready to chat Zoom Phone?

Book a call or demo with our communications experts. We can talk you through the entire process and find a solution for your unique requirements. We can guide you to you UCaaS success.

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Explore more about Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone allows you to migrate existing or new phone numbers from your service provider. Need support with migration? Our project team can assist in the process.

Yes. Zoom Phone allows you to redirect existing voice circuits/trunks to the Zoom Phone cloud. Our project team can guide you through the process and ensure redirects are in place ready for deployment.

Zoom Phone allows you to mix and match unlimited and metered calling plans to suit your unique business needs. Chat with one of our experts to discuss your requirements.

Zoom Phone allows you to assign, provision, and managed standard desk phone devices through the Zoom admin portal. The portal is cloud-based, so you can log in anywhere, at anytime, streamlining administration.

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