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Don’t gamble with your business security

In this digitally driven age, cyber threats are more sophisticated than ever, exploiting vulnerabilities in IT networks to unleash havoc. The absence of advanced cybersecurity measures leaves businesses susceptible to ransomware attacks, phishing schemes and other malicious activities that can cripple operations, compromise sensitive information, and essentially bring a business to its knees.

The importance of paying attention to cyber security threats

Cyber criminals have adapted their tactics to meet the advancements in technology. Organisations of all sizes now must place greater emphasis on their cyber security. It has become more important than ever to remain vigilant in protecting your sensitive information and digital assets from cyber security threats.

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FUJIFILM CodeBlue Australia Wins APAC Partner Marketing Digital Award in Zoom Partner Awards

FUJIFILM CodeBlue Australia is a recipient of the 2022 Zoom Partner Awards from Zoom Video Communications, Inc., commending the company's inventive spirit and impactful achievements. The award was presented to FUJIFILM CodeBlue Australia for APAC Partner Marketing Digital Award at Zoomtopia Partner Connect.

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