Transform Your IT with CodeBlue’s Cloud Services

Industry-leading cloud services and solutions. Powerful. Flexible. Secure.

Leverage cloud-computing solutions and cloud technology to enhance your IT infrastructure’s performance and data resilience. In addition, cloud technology enables you to reduce or even eliminate capital expenditure and improve ease of management.

With CodeBlue’s cloud infrastructure management services, you will have a fully managed and highly secure data centre environment. You also gain access to state-of-the-art server, cloud storage and network technologies without the need to buy or install the equipment.

We can manage your existing in-house IT infrastructure as part of a fully outsourced and managed solution. Looking for a more hybrid cloud approach? We can work with you to move part of your infrastructure or some applications to the cloud to increase their performance.

Reduce operating costs

No need to buy expensive hardware and software and pay for setup and installation. You don’t have to pay for 24-hour power and cooling or IT staff to maintain and manage your IT infrastructure.

cyber security

Stronger data security and resilience

Dramatically reduce risks of cyber attacks and data breaches by integrating security management and operations. Have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected by robust enhanced security at data centres with specialised networks and backups.

Increase mobility to work from home or remotely

Access your data, apps, systems and network securely from anywhere around the world using any device. This allows you to build a mobile workforce that can do jobs working from home or remotely.

CodeBlue can customise your IT environment to utilise a hybrid cloud approach that leverages a mix of on-premise private cloud as well as a public cloud data centre.

With a hybrid IT infrastructure, you gain the increased agility, flexibility, and reduced ownership costs of public cloud as well as the robust data security and increased efficiency of private cloud.

Why go Blue?

We’ve been supporting businesses just like you across Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years. With over 200 IT and tech experts, engineers and consultants, we’ll connect you with the solutions and technology you need to get that competitive edge.

Going Blue means you’ll get that local knowledge, trans-Tasman support, and the strength of our entire global family.

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