Transform Your IT with CodeBlue’s Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Find your cloud hosting mix with a hybrid solution customised to your business.

Every business has a unique IT environment, with different data sensitivity levels, cloud security and performance requirements.

A hybrid IT solution allows you to enjoy the benefits of both private and public cloud services and increase the efficiency and security of your IT infrastructure. When strategically applied, this could unlock benefits such as the increased agility, flexibility, and reduced ownership costs of public cloud, to the robust data security and increased efficiency of private cloud.

By creating your hybrid mix of cloud services, you’ll be able to create a cloud solution tailored to your business needs, compliance and security requirements. Combine this with our managed IT expertise and you have a solid and reliable IT infrastructure.

Hybrid IT Solution

Increase speed and efficiency of applications with a hybrid IT solution

An application’s performance can also be more suitable for one cloud type over another. A hybrid IT solution ensures a better user experience and improves its overall performance.

Hybrid Cloud

Better flexibility and scalability using hybrid cloud

Use and pay for the cloud resources you need at any given time or location. You can modify your usage as new use case scenarios present themselves.

You can then scale your hybrid cloud environment as your needs change.

Cloud Storage

Ensure business continuity with a hybrid cloud storage solution

By having your data and systems in hybrid IT cloud storage and in multiple locations, your business can continue operating in the event of emergencies like a natural disaster or a global pandemic. This is enabled by being able to switch operations to the cloud service you need quickly.

Not sure what the right mix of cloud services is right for your business?

Our team of experts can work with you to review your infrastructure and define your cloud profile.