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SSI Case Study

As leaders in not-for-profit digital transformation, FUJIFILM CodeBlue Australia (CodeBlue) were engaged to partner with SSI on its journey.

Whitepaper: 5 Reasons to modernise legacy data protection strategies

Cin7 streamlines UC and CC capabilities with 8×8

Melbourne Football Club Case Study

CodeBlue helped to scope, implement and deliver a robust server storage solution that was hardware and cloud platform agnostic which has dramatically speed up the whole review process, saving time and increasing stakeholder satisfaction around the club.

Fernwood Case Study – Adopting 8×8

Fernwood were aware they had a problem when it came to taking calls from prospective members. The calls were going directly through to the individual clubs and were being taken by whatever staff was manning the front desk.

OFX – Case Study

Along with an old PBX system that needed upgrading, OFX decided that it was time to look for a better call centre management solution; one which would allow them to handle large call volumes autonomously and which would be easy to manage and update from one central system.

OAKS Hotels and Resorts – Case Study

What Oaks needed in order to bring its communications up to the standard of the rest of its business, was a new solution that was cost effective, reliable, and provided seamless integration with its existing CRM.

My Pet Warehouse Case Study

With so much love for its furry friends, it was time for My Pet Warehouse to give its loyal customers a little more TLC- starting in the call centre.

SANDS Case Study

For Australian charity ‘Sands’, providing a better service for bereaved families following a baby death was of upmost importance, but they also needed a better phone system for its volunteers that was easy to use and flexible, and which also provided cost efficiencies.

The BUSY Group Case Study

The BUSY Group’s internal IT team had met the needs of the organisation for a number of years, however concerns were raised over key person risk and a lack of ICT strategy and technological innovation.

InFocus Disability Services Case Study

lnFocus had been using a small IT provider for many years, and the board desired to reduce key person risk by forming a relationship with a larger provider who was also capable of providing the breadth of capability and proactivity to take the organisation forward.

Shine* Case Study

When Shine* (Safer Homes In New Zealand Everyday) moved offices, it needed a safe pair of hands to migrate the servers to its new premises and ensure minimal disruption to the IT system. CodeBlue delivered faultless service and was soon back onsite to provide Shine with more business bandwidth.

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