Melbourne Football Club

A custom IT solution that’s kicking goals.

The Melbourne Football Club was founded in 1858 and is widely considered to be the world’s oldest sporting club.

Today it also uses some of the latest in Managed IT solutions to help with reviewing of game day footage.

Previously the club had challenges storing some 200+ hours per week of high definition video, used for post-game analysis. The video couldn’t be compressed without compromising quality, which meant MFC essentially had enterprise level storage requirements without enterprise level budgets.

CodeBlue helped to scope, implement and deliver a robust server storage solution that was hardware and cloud platform agnostic which has dramatically speed up the whole review process, saving time and increasing stakeholder satisfaction around the club.

Together with the successful implementation of this solution, today CodeBlue’s sister company CSG also provides a Managed Print solution, together with laptops and docking stations for the club

Customer Benefits

  1. Custom IT solution has solved large storage issues improving efficiency dramatically.
  2. MFC IT and coaching staff have had their match day review process with players and fellow stakeholders drastically sped up.
  3. CSG provides a Managed Print solution and IT hardware solutions as part of overall business technology package.

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