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Security services to protect your business and decrease your level of risk

As technology continues to evolve so too are cyber security attacks – putting your systems at risk of more sophisticated ransomware attacks, malware and data breaches.

With a lot at risk – from financial impacts due to operational disruptions and irreversible reputational damage – being prepared, with the right policies, procedures and systems in place, is key. Ensuring your business and team have the right tools, in the right places, to stop any form of malicious attack.

With real-time cyber security services, IT network and device security monitoring, we can help you level up your cyber security and continuous evolve your practices to stay ahead. Our cyber security consultants and solution experts will be there to guide you on the safest (and securest) way forward.

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Defend your data 24/7 from security threats

Implement real-time cyber security monitoring services to give you round the clock security. We’ll monitor vulnerable access points – with robust security software and hardware – keeping you safe no matter where your team accesses data from.

IT Infrastructure Strategies

Fortify your IT network from cyberattacks and breaches

Gain a detailed portrait of your business network’s security to identify its weakest touch points. This network cyber security monitoring service involves compliance and security incident management, detection and prevention through the collection and analysis of security events.

cyber security - secure devices

Secure your connected and remote devices

Our endpoint cyber security monitoring services protect all business devices. Whether it’s a desktop, laptop, mobile devices, servers or other hardware, we’ll help you determine who is accessing your IT network, where and when, and block unwanted requests.

Need to enhance your cyber security?

Book a 1:1 security discussion with one of our cyber security consultants. We can assess the risk and compliance gaps for our business and recommend security services to keep you protected.

Security consultant services and assessments

Essentials 8 and Microsoft security score assessment services

The rise of remote and hybrid working has also created more (and easier) avenues for cyberattacks, and sadly our remote workers are popular targets for cybercriminals. The increase of cloud usage and 5G devices is also increasing businesses level of vulnerability.

Coupled with our cyber fatigue (from continuously needing to adapt, evolve and grow our practices), our risk of IT network breaches, data leaks, or infrastructure attacks is intensifying.

To help you assess your risk and compliance gaps, our security consultants and experts have developed two key assessments to give you the cyber security insights you need.

Essentials 8 security risk assessments

Focused on mitigating cyber security incidents, the Australian Signals Directorate Essentials 8 model is based on eight key technical controls to help you mitigate security and compliance risks.

Especially relevant for small to mid-sized businesses – and those who deal with government agencies – our Essentials 8 assessment will provide you with:

  • A deep dive technical analysis of your business against the eight technical controls
  • A custom risk and compliance assessment report with your current security maturity levels
  • Recommendations to improve your current security levels and strategies to reduce the level of risk to your business.

Microsoft security level risk assessment

Used globally by Microsoft focused organisations, the Microsoft security score measures your cyber security posture. The higher your security score the higher your level of security and compliance risk.

Our Microsoft security risk assessment is recommended for Australian businesses using any combinations of Microsoft Azure, Office365, Defender and Teams applications.

Booking a Microsoft security risk assessment will provide you with:

  • A full analysis of your Microsoft environment, assessing your systems and application for security and compliance risks.
  • A personalised risk and compliance assessment report with your current Microsoft security score.
  • Recommendations and next steps to mitigate risks and improve your level of security

Identity cyber security risks and compliance gaps in your business

Our cyber security consultants can assess your current environment and provide a full risk assessment for your business. Book your Essentials 8 or Microsoft security risk assessment today.

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