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Organisations face numerous challenges in maintaining their IT infrastructure, staying ahead of security threats, and providing their teams with the best productivity tools.

We understand that navigating these complexities can be overwhelming for your business, and without enough resources, your IT talent will always be busy keeping the lights on instead of directing their efforts to strategic organisational priorities.

CodeBlue’s Managed IT Services aim to transform your IT landscape and revolutionise the way you handle and support technology. Our expert team of IT professionals is dedicated to providing tailored and comprehensive services that address your unique needs. By taking the burden of IT management, operations and support off your shoulders, we enable you to focus on what matters most: driving innovation, delighting stakeholders, and achieving your strategic objectives.

Transform IT from a Cost Centre to a Growth Centre

As organisations seek to drive better outcomes from their technology investments, many of them turn to sector experts with a proven track record of supporting the technology requirements of Australian businesses.

CodeBlue offers a comprehensive set of Managed IT Services that provide a range of benefits to businesses seeking reliable and efficient support for their IT management. These include:

Managed Support + Help Desk

CodeBlue provides the right support for your business, reducing internal friction and improving the user experience. With an outsourced Help Desk, your organisation can take advantage of better connectivity, tools, and support at reduced costs, leading to increased user satisfaction.

Book your Cyber Security Assessment
Book your Cyber Security Assessment

Resourcing Solutions

IT outsourcing options from CodeBlue deliver the best value for technology investments. Whether it’s full or partial outsourcing of specialised functions, your business can maintain service standards while saving hardware costs and gaining access to expert management.

Technology Roadmaps

By partnering with CodeBlue, you can develop a comprehensive technology roadmap, tapping into our team’s expertise to gain a clear vision of the technology landscape. This roadmap enables digital transformation, efficiency, and the ability to leverage new opportunities as well as the opportunity to align the business strategic plan against current risks and of course the budgetary factors to enable decision making

Book your Cyber Security Assessment
Book your Cyber Security Assessment

Comprehensive Vendor Management

CodeBlue can handle all technology management and licensing for you in one place, saving you valuable time and eliminating the need for specialist resources.

Access to Expert Technology Insights

Benefit from a team of specialists and experts at CodeBlue, ranging from day-to-day support to virtual strategic management. This enables your business to engage with our expertise about state-of-the-art technologies, such as AI, data analytics, automation, 5G, and unified communications.

CodeBlue AU Managed IT Services

Not sure which Managed Services you need?

Whether you need full-services or a co-managed option. We’re here to help. With 200+ IT experts on hand, we’ll uncover the right mix of services for you.

Focus on Your Core Business while CodeBlue Takes Care of the Tech

Partnering with CodeBlue unlocks the following benefits for your organisation:

IT Packages to Suit Your Needs

We understand that every business has unique IT service requirements. Our offerings cover everything from the essentials all the way through to cloud-first packages for organisations that heavily rely on the cloud for processes, storage, and operations.

Book your Cyber Security Assessment
Book your Cyber Security Assessment

Service Clarity with Standardised SLAs

Having catered for the IT needs of Australian organisations for over 20 years, we’ve got a good understanding of expectations when it comes to supporting your technology. Our service SLAs mean you have clarity from the outset as to what you will get from CodeBlue.

Access to 200+ IT Experts

Partnering with CodeBlue is more than just gaining some assistance in your day to day IT tasks; you get 200+ IT experts across Australia and New Zealand to support you.

Our team members are highly specialised, and whether you’re looking for cloud gurus, tech support wizards, networking ninjas, or project professionals, we’re pretty sure that someone on our team can help you.

We’re not huge fans of product pushing, and once we set up an agreement that works for you, our team becomes YOUR team.

Book your Cyber Security Assessment
Book your Cyber Security Assessment

All of Your IT Managed in One Place

With CodeBlue, forget about having to work with multiple vendors and keep all of your technology and IT in one place with solutions that cater to your changing IT challenges and needs.

20 Years Solving IT Problems for Australian Businesses

For more than 20 years, we’ve been supporting businesses all over Australia with our Managed IT Services. We’ve accumulated significant experience and expertise that enables us to drive the success of your organisation by handling your biggest IT challenges so you can focus on innovation and delivering against your mission.

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Explore Our Full Range of Managed Services

CodeBlue’s portfolio contains a wide range of managed services that cover all of your technology needs:

Download the guide to Managed IT Services

We get it. There’s a lot to take in. So, we got our experts to put it all in one eBook. Get your hands on the guide.

Is Your IT and Technology Investment Driving the Best Outcomes for Your Organisation?

For many organisations, internal IT talent is largely preoccupied with keeping the lights on, without the time or resources needed to unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Today’s IT isn’t just about keeping things running – it involves creating new ways of working, focusing on strategic initiatives, fast and adaptive decision-making. But, many organisations face hurdles in making that a reality.

No Time to Deliver Transformation

IT generalists have so many consoles and management platforms to get familiar with, and they barely have enough time to keep up with patching, software updates, and other routine IT tasks. They’re overstretched by handling day-to-day issues, leaving them with no time to deliver the much-needed transformation for your organisation to grow and scale.

IT Support not Supporting

Organisations that constantly struggle with negative feedback from users about the poor timeliness of support services need to consider how to improve end user experience. With your IT team already having a lot on their plates, it’s no surprise that your help desk services aren’t on par with your customers’ expectations.

Cybersecurity Tops Everyone’s Agenda

From IT managers to CEOs and board members, there’s a good chance that cybersecurity is everyone’s top priority at your workplace, especially after the recent catastrophic cyberattacks on a number of high profile Australian organisations.

The problem is that cyber security planning, monitoring, and implementation can be very resource intensive, and often requires expertise and domain experience that your organisation may not possess.

The brand, business and financial cost of recovery can far outweigh the cost of providing meaningful preventative measures provided by the right Managed IT partner.

IT not Innovating

From helpdesks to IT policy management and IT procurement, Internal IT teams are always busy with the time-consuming, but necessary housekeeping to keep you online.

This makes it virtually impossible to contribute to strategic decisions, spend time on building new services, or develop new skills with rewarding projects. In other words, your IT team members are allocating their time to manage the urgent at the cost of the important.

New Revenue Streams Need New Technology

Creating new revenue streams is at the top of every CEO and CIO’s agenda. At the same time, many CEOs believe they’re not getting the best value from their technology investment, with many IT budgets being largely dedicated to just standing still.

But here’s the truth: new revenue streams need new technology. Your organisation needs digital and cloud platforms that enable you to launch innovative new services that drive growth and address new segments, or better meet the needs of stakeholder groups.

However, with your IT team spending their whole time just to keep things running optimally, and not enough capital to spend on new technology, opening new revenue streams can be very challenging.

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Book a meeting with one of our expert team members to learn about your managed IT services requirements and tailor a package that’s fit for purpose.

Our experts will discuss your organisation’s objectives and understand your current IT challenges so they can offer advice on the best solution for your organisation.

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Managed IT Services refer to IT tasks that third-party IT entities handle on behalf of your organisation. The managed services model enables organisations to outsource their routine IT tasks to free up internal resources and give their IT teams more time to focus on other important projects or initiatives that are critical to the organisation’s growth.

An IT Support Package refers to the service components that the Managed Services Provider (MSP) will handle on behalf of the client. Based on the client’s requirement, the MSP may offer a customised IT support package that meets the client’s budget and service requirements.

One example of managed IT services is network monitoring. Network monitoring involves making sure that your company’s network is running optimally and securely based on a given set of information.

Typically, internal network admins handle network monitoring, but with managed IT services, you can free up your internal resources to focus on more important projects and strategic visions.

Managed IT Services take care of routine and mundane IT tasks that include monitoring, testing, upgrades, vulnerability detection, and cloud service management.

IT Managed Services companies provide clients with a host of managed services that may vary depending on the company’s requirements and the customised Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the MSP and the client. These services may include some or all of the following:

  • Remote infrastructure and IT systems monitoring, management, and upgrading
  • Cyber security services, such as updates, testing, monitoring and threat hunting
  • Managing and monitoring cloud services
  • IT backup and disaster recovery planning and management
  • Access management and control
  • 24/7 IT support

Managed Services basically means that you’re putting your IT support on auto-pilot. In other words, you allow a third-party organisation to handle your day-to-day IT tasks on behalf of your IT team to free up your internal resources.

IT services, on the other hand, are considered more traditional, where your internal IT teams are fully responsible for upgrades, maintenance, and support.

IT Managed Services have a number of main components, which usually are:

  • Managed IT Service Desk
  • Managed software and licensing
  • Managed networking
  • Managed cybersecurity
  • Managed cloud services
  • Managed backup and recovery

These components require continuous surveillance and management to run at optimal conditions with minimal risk of downtime, cyber-attacks, and data loss.

Outsourcing your IT support frees up your internal IT resources to shift focus to more important business growth strategies and technological innovation.

Instead of setting back your IT team’s potential with day-to-day IT support and maintenance, partnering with a managed service provider can help you grow your business with strategic and innovative initiatives that your IT team will have more time to work on.