Managed Cyber Security Services

Guard your business with cutting-edge threat protection

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Protect your business data and IT infrastructure from cyber threats. With the wide array of cyber attacks attempting to breach your network, steal or manipulate your data, or destroy your IT infrastructure, it has become crucial now – more than ever – to establish a comprehensive cyber security strategy.

Gain peace of mind with our integrated solutions that includes IT security software and hardware installed at strategic points within your IT infrastructure along with real-time cyber security, network security and device security monitoring.

cyber security

Defend your data 24/7 from threats

We can help you implement an automated real-time security monitoring of your systems round the clock. All your vulnerable access points are monitored consistently by robust security software and hardware that allow for operation outside standard business hours.

IT Infrastructure Strategies

Fortify your network from breaches

Gain a detailed portrait of your business network’s security to identify its weakest touch points. This network security monitoring involves compliance and security incident management, detection and prevention through the collection and analysis of security events.

cyber security - secure devices

Secure all your connected devices

We also offer endpoint security monitoring that protects all devices within your business network. Be it desktop or laptop computers, mobile devices, servers and other hardware, we can help you determine who is accessing your network, where and when, and block unwanted access.

Our cyber security services are offered alongside other CodeBlue Managed IT Services: data backup and recovery, cloud computing services and IT services and support.

Protect your business from threats that could damage to your business and reputation and cause you to incur regulatory fines and sanctions. 

Let’s work together to see how we can fortify your IT infrastructure.

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