OFX Case Study

The Challenge

OFX deals with customers of many profiles, from business customers looking to move millions of dollars, to one off personal customers just looking to make a small transaction of a couple of thousand dollars. The business has CBD based call centres with staff who are not only native speakers of the local language or languages but also have cultural and emotional intelligence enabling them to build a quick and easy rapport with customers. Call volumes average approximately 8000 calls per day and are handled by approximately 150 customer service agents globally.

Along with an old PBX system that needed upgrading, OFX decided that it was time to look for a better call centre management solution; one which would allow them to handle large call volumes autonomously and which would be easy to manage and update from one central system.

The Solution

OFX chose CodeBlue to help them create, implement and manage a global contact centre using 8×8 – a market leading cloud communications software. Over a period of seven weeks, CodeBlue deployed 8×8 with no interruptions to service. They imported customer records into 8×8’s Virtual Contact Centre CRM and used this data to automatically prioritise and route incoming calls.

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