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With the NDIS on the horizon in late 2012, the InFocus board identified technology as a key driver in the transformation of InFocus from an organisation that had typically received bulk funding from government, to an organisation that now needed to market their services, reduce costs and increase efficiencies as part of their NDIS.

The Challenge

With the NDIS on the horizon, the InFocus board identified technology as a key driver in the transformation of InFocus. Up until this point, lnFocus had been using systems that were based on outdated software technology such as Microsoft Access, and had numerous paper based processes. Reports were compiled manually often providing inaccurate data, and coupled with a generally slow IT platform, it was clear that a more strategic approach was needed.

Furthermore, lnFocus had been using a small IT provider for many years, and the board desired to reduce key person risk by forming a relationship with a larger provider who was also capable of providing the breadth of capability and proactivity to take the organisation forward.

The Solution

CodeBlue was contacted for their experience in the Not forProfit sector, and began working with the organisation to define the overarching ICT strategy. “We immediately clicked when we met with lnFocus and the management team” said Tony Nissen Virtual CIO for InFocus. “CodeBlue were a great fit because of expertise in the not for profit sector and our understanding of the technology challenges surrounding the NDIS.”

The first step was to help develop a strategic IT plan, which aligned technology goals with lnFocus’s business goals of being NDIS ready by 2015.

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