CodeBlue @Home, IT Support Services No Matter Where You Work

With many workplaces evolving how they work and moving to hybrid and mobile ways of working, we understand IT support needs to be more than just in the office.

That’s why we’ve introduced CodeBlue @home – an extension of our IT support services ensuring you can get support no matter where you work.

The service is available to all CodeBlue clients as part of their service with us, with no additional charge or sign-up required to access.

How CodeBlue @home works

You’ll now have IT business support while you work at home or other remote locations outside of the office. Simply contact our awesome service technicians just as you would when in the office:

By phone: 1300 562 886
By email:
Submitting a request via our online portal:

Our service team will now also be available 7am – 7pm AEST as part of our new extended support hours.

Supporting for your business, at home

Although our service technicians and tech gurus are awesome, their support will be limited to devices and services you use for work or business. Sadly, this means support for home or personal devices and services are not included and our ability to troubleshoot your internet connectivity will be limited by your provider.

However, we get that sometimes you may need to use your personal devices for work. That’s why we will provide 1 hour’s complimentary home device support (per ticket) for home devices such as printers to make sure you can get back to business.

What’s included

codeblue @home - what's included
  1. Workstations / Monitors / Laptops / Tablets
    Moving forward, we will be able to support any company issued devices and equipment, including issues relating to the installation of software and support.
  2. File server / remote server and applications
    We will assist with the connection to work related resources. This means VPNs, Citrix, RDP and Office 365 will continue to be supported under the agreement so that you can access your files where-ever you are working.
  3. Printers
    We will continue to support company issued printers and their connection to your work issued laptop / workstation. If you are using your home printer for work related uses, we can provide up to 1 hour’s complimentary home device support to help you print what you need.
  4. Internet and Wi-Fi connections
    Home internet connections and issues related to internet speeds (such as slow Citrix or poor Zoom meeting quality) are sadly out of our control! So you’ll need to contact your provider for support and troubleshooting. However, if you need help resetting your router or to connect your work device to the internet we can help! This is included in our 1-hour complimentary home device support.
  5. Web cams and headsets
    We will be able to assist with web cams and headsets issues to help you get online in no time!

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