Why integrate a cloud phone solution into your communications strategy?

The world of work has changed. Work is no longer restricted to the office, and communication and collaboration can take place anywhere across a wide range of devices. Organisations need to provide communication solutions that enable this flexibility and that readily integrate with the rest of their workplace hardware and software. For this reason communications services continue to be one of the biggest IT spend trends (globally and in Australia).

Cloud phone solutions were designed to address these modern workplace demands.

Seamless management

A large, constantly evolving enterprise communications solution requires straightforward management tools to provide a frictionless user experience. And in today’s hybrid work environment, being able to manage your systems from anywhere (at any time) is essential.

Zoom Phone allows account admins to:

  • set permissions at the user, group, and account level
  • add and remove users, and
  • streamline the management of their phone system.

System admins can also access their Zoom management portal from any authorised device, meaning they can troubleshoot issues and manage their phone system online from anywhere instead of coming into the office.

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Unprecedented flexibility

An enterprise-grade phone solution such as Zoom Phone provides users with the flexibility they need to communicate and collaborate from wherever they find convenient, regardless of what device they are using. Cloud phone solutions work on a wide range of devices, including mobile, desktop computers, desk phones, and conference room spaces, giving employees and organisations the flexibility to communicate using the devices of their choice.

Using Zoom Phone, organisations can enable their employees to access business phone communications on their employees’ personal devices, granting them access to their business phone contacts wherever they are (security policies permitting). The ability to set personal business hours, create automated call queues, and customize an auto-receptionist, your teams can relax after hours while still ensuring that customer calls are answered.

Enhanced security

As workspace technology has advanced, so have the security threats that seek to manipulate it. Organisations need a secure phone solution to help protect communications. A cloud phone solution allows providers to constantly update the software, enabling organisations to keep their phone system protections up-to-date.

Cloud phone solutions also have a wide range of security features to enable secure communications. Encryption options, the ability to restrict recording phone call audio, and other functionalities can help organisations in regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, and education meet compliance requirements.

A streamlined communications ecosystem

Enterprise organisations require a consistent, intuitive communications experience, which is why many enterprises implement a cloud phone solution as part of a unified communications platform. This gives employees one solution for all their communication needs and organisations one platform to deploy and manage.

Here are a few examples of what you can do when your phone solution is part of a unified communications platform:

  • Elevate a call to a meeting – Rather than ending a phone call and starting a video meeting, simply elevate your call directly to a meeting so you can share content and collaborate more directly.
  • Easily find contacts – With all your business contacts in one place, you can easily find who you’re looking for by typing their name in the search bar.

Instantly start phone calls – No need to jump between a cloud phone application and your chat solution. Simply look up a contact and start a chat, phone call, or video meeting with a single click.

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* This article was repurposed with permission from Zoom Communications. FUJIFILM CodeBlue Australia is an authorised direct reseller of Zoom Phone.

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