Is your Technology Plan up to scratch?

Three steps to align your technology plan to your IT and business strategy

Technology plans. Sometimes a set and forget activity, or something that gathers dust until the next transformation project. However, in today’s ever-evolving digital world, a technology plan is more important than ever and can make or break your IT strategy.

How? Principal Solutions Consultant Daniel Carter explains why your technology plan is the corner piece in your IT strategy puzzle and how to build a solid foundation for future growth.

Just as a house needs a strong foundation, so too does your IT strategy. The foundation? Your Technology Plan. The technology you have in play to support your business today may not scale to support your potential growth. By formulating a technology plan, and reviewing it regularly you can ensure your technology stack can support future growth.

Not only that, but it can also help you have a long-term strategy in place, without forcing sub-optimal systems to work beyond capacity.

Here’s three steps designed to ensure your technology plan is fit-for-purpose and is creating a strong foundation:

1.      Aligning your business and IT strategy

Start with your business goals, challenges and constraints.

Ask yourself:

  • What are you aiming to achieve?
  • What’s holding you back?
  • What directions will your business take over the short, medium and long term?

By answering these questions, you – or your managed service provider – can match business goals to technology that supports growth as well as creates efficiencies.


Plan for innovation

Technology that’s relevant today may not be tomorrow. And a band-aid today can only work for so long; aim to evolve. So, it’s essential to assess and build a solid technology stack that supports your current and future objectives.

  • Is it time to automate warehousing or streamline administration and compliance?
  • What do you need to be competitive now? How does technology deliver services to your customers?
  • What will future growth look like?
  • What will be relevant?
  • What business problems do you want to solve? Is IT a barrier to advancement?

Building a strong foundation

Once you have clearly articulated objectives, consider what technology foundations you need to achieve those goals. It helps to understand whether the baseline of your technology stack can simply be expanded. Or if a new approach is better.

The right foundations lead to a more supportable platform, even through the most extreme growth. Simply throwing more resources at pre-existing tech is rarely the correct solution.

2.      Define the right IT mix for your strategic goals

A technology plan will never consist of isolated changes. It will be a series of managed changes or upgrades in technology, based on research and partnering, that delivers different strengths at different times.

The combination will form a new stack capable of delivering what is required to support long and short-term business goals.

technology partnership

Take a 360o outlook to your technology plan

Defining your technology mix isn’t only about hardware and software. It’s also implementing and supporting these systems throughout their lifecycle.

Both hardware and software must be maintained by experts to ensure reliability and under a management structure that gives you peace of mind.

Do you have the right equipment and solutions in place, and are they up to date or obsolete?

Consider the usable life and equipment’s warranty status of equipment, including server hardware and network hardware. If it fails tomorrow, what’s the impact on your productivity and profit?

A good asset warranty and support structure minimises downtime and even leads to early detection of pending failure.

Leverage technology and IT service partnerships

Do you have the internal resources and in-house experts you need? Can your internal IT team manage independently or do they need support?

This is where Managed Service Providers can enter the picture, providing full or co-managed service and support. Helping you fill a skill or expertise gap that is essential for your business success.

Managed IT service providers like FUJIFILM CodeBlue partner with clients to define and research a fit-for-purpose technology stack, leveraging our global reach and expertise.

IT and technology resources and support

It’s important to not only consider the technology but the IT support and expertise you may require from implementation to maintenance and ongoing service and support.

Do you have the internal resources and in-house experts you need to research and plan out the how, where and when of your Technology Plan? Not all companies have their own internal IT team.

IT managers can work with your managed service provider, if needed, to plan out technology implementation that suits your budget and provides IT services that work in the background with no fuss. A good MSP will deliver and support systems as part of your technology plan, scaffolded by service levels that give you peace of mind.

3.      Create your Technology Plan

Time to put it all together. Your Technology Plan should:

  • encompass all devices and accompanying human interactions
  • specify milestones when each procurement or development should happen
  • identify how each will be implemented to support business growth
  • include a timeline of all actions
  • describe clear identification of managed changes
  • present a detailed plan of action

Most importantly, nominate a senior staff member to ‘drive’ the plan going forward. Our roadmap to technology plans will steer you in the right direction.

It’s important to work with your managed services provider to ensure you are building the right framework together, leveraging what you already have in place.

dynamic technology

Use your living, dynamic technology plan

Technology plans should be reviewed annually to evaluate effectiveness and consider business changes over the previous period into the next. It’s not meant to be a static document.

If you don’t have the internal know-how, come and chat to us about implementing a strong Technology Plan that works for you.

Book your time with our IT service and support experts to discuss how your technology plan can align with your business strategy.

About Daniel Carter, Principal Solutions Consultant: Our Solutions Specialist

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With more than 15 years’ experience in the technology and IT sector, Daniel lives and breathes solutions – from the off the shelf and simple to the bespoke and complex. As a networking and cloud specialist, Daniel has been supporting, delivering and designing technology solutions at FUJIFILM CodeBlue for almost five years. His secret power? Strategically aligning technology to enable businesses meet their goals and objectives, ensuring they have the right (and leading-edge) technology to get them where they need to go. With wide-ranging experience with internet service and managed IT providers, Daniel is able to guide organisations to strategic technology changes to increase efficiency and drive a better return on investment.

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