Why managed IT services?

Five benefits of having your IT with a Managed Services Provider

Technology and how you do business is moving. Fast.

Customers demand suave, streamlined services. Business needs are rising. Resourcing is stretched. And the budget strained.

How does your IT team respond quickly and adapt easily while still support growth initiatives?

An IT managed services provider could be your secret weapon. Driving growth, uncovering cost-savings, and unlocking innovation.

This is as true whether you’re a start-up, established enterprise, have multiple locations, or moving to mobile working.

Outsourcing isn’t a dirty word. And it doesn’t mean cutting head count. An MSP frees up your resources to focus on what’s important – growing your business. Rather than on time consuming day-to-day IT support, maintenance and service, or technology procurement.

5 benefits to using a Managed Services Provider

An IT managed service provider extends your in-house team. They are a partner and trusted advisor. An IT expert gap filler. Your project experts. Your day-to-day IT muscle.

With today’s skilled labour shortages, this is more important that ever. Allowing you to access IT experts – across multiple disciplines – when and where you need it. Without investing in permanent head count just for the project at hand.

Need an IT Manager or CIO? We offer virtual IT services. Our vCIOs and vITMs (we call them “vi-tims”) are on hand. Proactively identifying risks and issues. Providing technical advice and a long-term outlook. They can even shape an IT strategy to align with your business needs.

We also assign an account manager to each client. Your manager will build key relationships in your business and focus on delivering your IT needs.

Vendor management can take precious business resources. But your MSP can become your point of contact for all IT and tech.

MSPs partner with major technology providers. Meaning you can leverage their global buying power and don’t need to deal with each vendor directly.

Worried an MSP will just push partner brands? Here at FUJIFILM CodeBlue we’re brand and product agnostic. We find a solution to fit you, not the other way around.

We can also tailor solutions to integrate into existing systems, so you don’t have to start again.

You’re no longer confined to an office. So why should your IT support?

An MSP can provide a mix of IT support – in house, remote or virtual – to suit your needs. Such as at remote IT support for those working from home.

An MSP with national or ANZ reach also ensures your IT resources are scalable. Ready and waiting to be deployed as your business expands.

Staff interstate, international, or flex working? Your MSP will ensure your technology works wherever you are. With data access when you need it. Securely.

With new ways of working comes new risks.

If your cyber security doesn’t adapt with you, you could be putting your business at risk.

An MSP can help you fortify, defend and secure your business. No matter where your team or customers are. Ensuring you can stay online, connected and can get back to business faster.

Our cyber security experts can:

  • Provide best practice protocols
  • Create cyber security strategies
  • Analyse for weaknesses
  • Advise protective measures
  • Seek to ensure your compliance with incident management needs

A top-notch MSP should know your business inside and out. Ensuring your technology works together, seamlessly.

All your communications, data storage, automation and accessibility needs. From your printer and laptops, to phone systems, video and collaboration tools, and digital displays. All your back-end systems, including cloud, server and network infrastructure, compliance and security. Allowing real-time control and auditing.

It sounds complex but simplifying and streamlining is what we do best.

Convinced an MSP is for you? Thousands of CodeBlue customers agree. And our numbers are proof: 9/10 overall client satisfaction score, 20+ years’ experience, over 200 IT experts across ANZ.

Our managed IT services can be the difference between good and great.

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