What is ISO 27001 and why is it important?

Understanding the ISO 27001 certification for information security

Author: Kent Minchinton

ISO 27001 is an international information security standard designed to protect company information. To gain this certification, organisations – such as FUJIFILM CodeBlue and its sister groups – must demonstrate their processes and data controls are both highly secure and independently audited.

Here’s what this international certification means to you and your data.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 (also known as ISO/IEC 27001 – Information Technology) is a leading information security certification related to an organisations processes and data controls for the security of crucial and complex information systems.

As well as protecting your data from external threats, the certification has three main information security objectives, ensuring:

  • Only authorised users can access information
  • Only authorised users can change and share information
  • Your information is securely accessible by authorised users

The ISO 27001 certification follows a rigid framework – which includes policies, processes and data controls – and is subjected to regular quality checks as well as independent audits.

To become an ISO 27001-certified organisation, a company must prove high safeguard levels are in place for customer, partner and company data. This includes:

  • Proving potential damages are mitigated
  • Security breaches are unlikely
  • Potential threats are down and eliminated in their early stages

Why is ISO 27001 important, and why should your managed service provider have it?

The ISO 27001 certification is more than simply ensuring information security policies and processes are up to standard. It proves the company has safeguards in place to protect vital information, company assets and company data, such as:

  • Employee and customer data
  • Financial information
  • Intellectual property
  • Information entrusted from third parties

With data the backbone of your business, it’s essential your information is managed securely and at the highest standards possible. And your managed service provider is your data’s gatekeeper in many cases.

By being ISO 27001 certified, organisations such as FUJIFILM CodeBlue have demonstrated their policies, processes and data controls meet internationally recognised information security controls. The certification – and the company’s information security policies and processes – also undergo regular revision, ensuring your data is protected with the highest and most up-to-date standards.

What benefits do you gain by working with an ISO 27001 certified managed service provider?

We’re proudly ISO 27001 certified. While it was a long revision and approval process, we went through the accreditation to demonstrate we take the security of your data and protection of your information very seriously.

Being ISO 27001 certified, you can ensure your data and company information is protected by international information security standards and managed with integrity.

What ISO 27001 means to you

Information security quality

Your data is protected by a high standard of information security practices, all of which undergo regular quality checks.

Damage avoidance and mitigation

The ISO 27001 certification reduces the risk of security breaches and potential threats to your data.

Trusted organisation

Your data will be managed with integrity as well as in line with continuously reviewed, enhanced and tested security strategies.

High level of information security knowledge

Our staff continuously refresh their security awareness training, enhancing their skillset and keeping up to date with the latest security trends.

Minimised impact to business operations

Have peace of mind knowing we have robust business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place, regularly assessed and tested.

Enhanced security practices and continuous improvement

We perform rigorous assessments and continuously improve our risk management and data protection processes and policies.

Working with a managed service provider who is ISO 27001 certified gives you peace of mind knowing your data and information is being managed with the highest information security practices available.

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