Understanding IT Complexity

According to current estimates 90% of the world’s data was created in just the past two years. These incredible advances in distributed computing power and data storage have ushered in what’s known as the ‘insights economy’. For mid-sized organisations, this means that business leaders are currently navigating their way through an era of unprecedented business complexity and risk.

Computer systems are often used to store sensitive data which needs to be protected at any cost. This isn’t only confined to data backup and recovery solutions. This includes managing ongoing security risk, cloud-based solutions, managed IT services and more.

Managing security

Data is both an asset and a liability to any organisation. Nearly every day we hear about data leaks, and the organisations that are compromised struggle to remedy the situation adequately.  According to recent research conducted by Phish Me, the average phishing attack costs a mid-sized company $1.6 million USD.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Beyond the security enhancements against these inevitable attacks, organisations can build solid business processes and implement end-user training to protect against human error and risk.

Exponential data growth and scaling IT

When it works well, robust IT ensures that the organisation achieves maximum return on investment from their IT and bolsters long-term business growth.

CodeBlue has supported the growth of many organisations by provisioning robust IT solutions. Examples of this are found in numerous case studies.

The fast pace of IT has pushed businesses of all sizes from having on-site IT services towards cloud services. This is because of feature-rich software in the cloud. Some of the key benefits of such solutions are lower cost, higher security and high availability.

Ever-changing trends in technology

In recent years, we have observed the emergence of artificial intelligence that is increasing the complexity of IT exponentially. Examples abound in daily life, such as Siri and Alexa.

New technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain and machine learning are creating new and exciting opportunities in IT, but also raising many questions about the potential risks to businesses of implementing these technologies.

This is when organisations need an industry leader like CodeBlue to ensure the most pragmatic decision-making around new technology.

Outsourcing IT: the new modus operandi for mid-sized businesses

As the complexity of IT increases and the demand for IT staff grows rapidly, fewer businesses are able to realistically retain their own IT teams. Fortunately, it’s far more cost-effective and reliable way to outsource quality IT and CIO expertise.

For cost-effective IT infrastructure and services that can scale according to a growing organisation’s needs, speak with CodeBlue today for a fixed monthly fee that provides peace of mind.

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