Transformation in the Modern Day

As the digital world expands, businesses must also rapidly evolve in order to keep pace. The future belongs to the fast and many companies are looking to digital transformation solutions to help them get the competitive advantage.

In the past, organisations were siloed, manual and technology centric. Companies, processes and technologies were kept separate, management of IT lacked automation and applications and workloads were built for a static environment. These methods are slowly becoming a thing of the past, with hybrid IT the new reality.

What is hybrid IT?

As the name suggests, hybrid IT is a hybrid solution, made up of public cloud, private cloud and traditional IT. Combined with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s software designed solutions, you get a friction-free solution, offering a cloud-like experience across your entire infrastructure. This can allow you to focus on new projects and better business outcomes, allowing the “lights-on” tech to automatically and efficiently grow as you do.

Some of the benefits of hybrid IT include:

  • Privacy that protects sensitive data
  • Regulatory compliance and data sovereignty
  • Better performance at reduced cost
  • Greater control of your applications and better data management
  • Improved security across your data and applications

Transformation is not only beneficial to your organisation’s outward success, but also its internal processes. Moving to a hybrid IT solution can help your staff be more productive, enable IT to innovate and ensure better security of your data and applications.

How can you transform?

So you know hybrid IT is the right fit for you, but how can you make it happen? This is where help from the experts is invaluable. At Codeblue, we will assess your business needs and create a plan tailored to your business’s strategy, technology requirements and budget. By partnering with vendors like HPE, moving from outdated IT to a modern solution is easy. Through hybrid IT, you can maintain legacy applications where needed, while still implementing new cloud options and accelerate your organisation.

To find out more about why you should consider hybrid IT and how Codeblue and HPE can make it happen, contact one of our friendly representatives for an obligation free chat over a coffee.

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