Security threats posed by

end-of-life software

Every business is constantly making important decisions about their information security. One such decision is when and how to update your IT software solutions. Businesses striving for the highest caliber of cyber security AU wide might constantly pursue the most advanced available software programs, but many businesses without the same resources may find themselves relying on end-of-life software. This poses noteworthy risks to a business’ security. Read on to learn more.

Risks connected to using end-of-life software

  1. Vulnerable to security breaches – End-of-life software fades from the market because more advanced threats to business information are constantly emerging. By failing to upgrade your IT solutions, you will become increasingly vulnerable to security breaches.
  2. Potential compliance violations – As new threats emerge, stricter standards and regulations are introduced to keep information safe. You find that end-of-life software eventually becomes non-compliant with higher information security standards.
  3. Higher operating costs – Older software with less support will place a greater burden on your business’ internal IT department to operate and maintain your existing IT infrastructure. This could result in higher costs.
  4. Risks of incompatibility issues – Every aspect of your IT infrastructure needs to function together to keep your information safe. When software becomes obsolete, other elements of your IT setup may become incompatible with it, which poses severe performance risks.
  5. Limited performance – Beyond all else, end-of-life software simply won’t perform to the standards your business is capable of. No future updates are coming, no new features will be introduced, and upgrading will become increasingly difficult. All this combined will result in inhibited IT performance.
  6. Inhibits digital growth – In every other aspect of your business, you are pursuing growth. Your information security should be no different. End-of-life IT software makes growth more difficult and can result in a drag on other areas of your business.

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