IT Challenges For SMBs

It’s a digital world and it’s a business world. SMBs, also known as small-medium businesses, often face IT challenges that can hinder their success. The internet’s only been available to the public for twenty years, and the evolution of online marketing has really only just begun. With that in mind, it’s not uncommon to see many SMBs struggling to stay afloat the rapidly moving IT raft.

Here are five common IT challenges SMBs face:


A tight budget can make SMBs feel the pressure, especially if they feel they aren’t achieving their IT goals or hitting them fast enough. Resources and finances can be inconsistent, and maintaining a solid IT strategy isn’t cheap. With hardware, software, network infrastructure, maintenance, labour and other IT expenses, the figures can add up to be more than an SMB can manage.

Here’s a tip: it’s actually cheaper to outsource IT work. Hiring a professional to manage your business’ IT services saves timewhich saves money, and you can count on a specialist to get the job done right the first time.

Maintaining the Current IT Structure

SMBs need to keep their IT structure in good shape, so it continues to be reliable, relevant and user friendly. With so many other things to think about, SMB owners often end up neglecting their IT networks which can lead to disengagement or loss of clients.

There are lots of IT companies in Auckland that can assist you with the maintenance and general upkeep of your IT systems. Don’t let your business fall behind!


Security is a challenge for all types of businesses. In an age where cyber hacking is more common than we’d like, it’s crucial to protect your business’ data and your clients’ personal information. Strict security measures need to be in place, to ensure your valuable data stays in the right hands.

If your business needs extra protection, reach out to an IT company that provides cyber security in Auckland.

Data Management

Nowadays, many SMBs have all of their data digitalized. To lower the risks of losing valuable data – both yours and your clients’ – safeguard it by establishing a secure data management plan. SMBs often find it challenging to create data recovery plans and data privacy plans to fit their business model. Recruiting the help of IT support in Auckland could take the stress out of data management.

Lack of IT Staff

It can be challenging finding qualified and experienced IT staff you trust to run the online component of your business. If you own a SMB and you’re struggling to find a skilled person to cater to all of your IT needs, get in touch with us.

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