The importance of a reliable data backup strategy

Because protecting your business is a top priority

It’s coming into the busiest time of the year, and you’re putting all your time into the success of your business. The last thing you need is for a system crash, or a fire, a power outage, cyber-attack or many other possible threats to interfere and diminish your valuable data. These are very real threats that can cause catastrophic data loss.

Thankfully, CodeBlue has a tailored data back-up and recovery service that is as reliable as Richie McCaw. Because protecting your business is a top priority.

Here is a guide to the importance of data backup and recovery to your business.

Rapid Response

When it comes to data back-up and recovery, an IT strategy should be tailored to your business. Depending on what type of business you have affects the level and rapidity of back up services. For instance, a busy online business with a vending interface might not be able to withstand a system crash of more than a few minutes, and any significant data loss could severely impact the experience of their customers and the running of their administration. A premium data back-up and recovery solution ensures backing up occurs continually and recovery is almost immediate.

Protecting Your Clients

If your business houses important data and information for your clients, the ability to store and rapidly recover this data is imperative. Without the safeguard of a secure and tested data back-up and recovery service, the loss off your business’s and your clients information can cause an arduous re-accumulation period that is stressful, and unlikely to bring you back to where your business was previously.

Peace of Mind

A customised data backup and recovery plan for your business ensures peace of mind. If your business is the type that requires constant or even continuous backing up, this can be a huge drain on resources. Not only is the task time consuming and often tediously manual, but it can also drain funds and resources if done inefficiently. The necessity of a business owner or manager to overview multiple facets of their business at any given time is abrogated by the crippling knowledge that theirs, and their client’s information, is at risk. A proven IT service’s data backup and recovery plan not only ensures peace of mind for the business, but also eases the stress on operations.

The Value of Information

The value of a business’s information to its operations and success is essential. To undervalue the importance of your information is to be susceptible at all times to the failure of your business. Data backup and recovery may seem like an obvious task but many businesses fail to maintain their efficacy in the task and suffer catastrophic consequences. Taking the threats to your business’s information seriously by implementing a strong data backup and recovery plan.

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