Cyber security notice from ACSC: What to do next?

If you received the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s notice early this week about the international impacts of the cyber attacks against the Ukraine, you might be a little concerned and are not sure what this could mean for your business.

What was the notice about?

You can read the full notice here. But for those looking for a quick summary, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is encouraging Australian organisations to urgently adopt an enhanced cyber security position. This includes reviewing and enhancing detection, mitigation, and response measures.

This has prompted several queries from customers, looking to review or improve their practices in light of the heightened threat environment.

Assessments available

To support you and our clients, we’ve worked with our security experts to put together an Essential Eight Maturity Assessment to help you uncover areas of vulnerability and help you implement the recommended Essential Eight strategies to enhance your cyber security practices.

For more information or to book your assessment, reach out to your account manager or request more information by contacting us.

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