How Not Having An Office Improves Your Office Culture

If your business were to have just one main objective it should be to encourage employees to do their best work by being their best selves. That’s what a successful company culture is. Plus, happy workers achieve more and, since the people who work for you actively affect the outcome of your bottom line, their wellbeing has got to be worth some attention.

Mobility matters

Research suggests that employees value the ability to work remotely above all other work-related perks – even over a higher salary, which goes a long way in proving that freedom is the ultimate currency. It’s much more than just flexibility too as it shows your staff that you trust them and appreciate the contribution they make to your organisation.

Additionally, the way people naturally approach tasks or projects can vary drastically depending on personality types. Some people prefer to take regular breaks, others work better in the evenings and that’s without mentioning the logistics of parenthood.  By pigeonholing workers into the 9-5 grind, are you really allowing them to perform to the best of their ability? Think about the impact this could have on their wellbeing, self-esteem and in turn, office morale. Don’t be too quick to underestimate the power of emotional drivers and the impact they can have on performance.

A healthy culture is a happy culture

By harnessing talent instead of limiting it, you’re bound to develop a healthy, happy and thriving company culture that grows organically. Research shows that remote working reduces stress levels and employee turnover by 50%. It also states that 82% of flexible workers hit maximum productivity while operating off-site; further demonstrating that mobility can really motivate people to do better and accomplish more.

A common misconception is that culture is only relevant inside the safe parameters of a real-life office but that’s not the case. Take FlexJobs, listed as having one of the strongest company cultures in the US for two years straight and they don’t even have offices! They’re the prime example that it’s not just possible but also highly profitable to practice mobility.

Say yes to mobile workers

So you see, both employers and employees are benefiting from the dynamics of a remote workplace and if they’re happy, you can bet their culture is too.

Thinking of weaving mobility into your business structure but not sure where to begin? We recommend looking into technology specifically designed to support a mobile workforce as this will end up forming the bones of a seamless yet agile operation.

We make mobility happen…

At CodeBlue, we put people first and believe that technology should be used to enhance daily working experiences, providing individuals with greater agility, collaboration and job satisfaction. We also partner with some of the best vendors in the world – including global leaders HP.

HP Mobility provides a full range of devices, accessories, software and services to grow and transform your company’s mobile capabilities. It’s a portfolio that has been developed from the ground up for business customers who prioritize security, want to more effectively equip their mobile employees, and value ease of management.

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