The A to Z of hybrid IT for SMB

With the unprecedented rate of technological advancement, organisations must be agile and adapt to stay ahead. This has never been more evident than in 2020, as many companies felt ill prepared for the consequences of COVID-19. The sudden surge in employees working from home, video conferencing, teleconferencing, and even entertainment streaming has tested servers’ capacities worldwide. This highlights the need for correct foundation or infrastructure to adapt to any situation.

Many businesses are now looking for solutions to help them endure—and thrive—during this unexpected shift of the traditional business dynamic. With so many IT service offerings available, trying to find a solution that suits your needs can be challenging, time consuming and takes attention away from other areas of your business. 

Leveraging hybrid IT can help you combine a flexible mix of in-house, private and public clouds, through consolidation. This mix diversifies your IT business model, allowing you to adapt quickly and ensuring the service meets your business needs. 

To get a better understanding of what hybrid IT services can offer your environment, we’ve compiled an A-Z list of its key components: 

A – Agility: Get agility across your IT environment with better performance, speed and capacity. 

B – Best of Both Worlds: Don’t limit your options! Embrace the advantages of both public and private cloud. 

C – Cloud: Leverage the best aspects of the cloud to house the right workload in the right cloud. 

D – Data: Streamline the management, storage and flow of your data with hybrid cloud-based services and managed IT services. 

E – Expense: Reduce costs and harness the benefits of an operational expense (OPEX) model. 

F – Flexible: Get the flexibility offered by cloud vendors while maintaining full control over resources you keep on-premise. 

G – Growth: Stay ahead of the competition with a hybrid IT services solution built to handle demand and drive organisational growth. 

H – Hybrid cloud: Build a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Customise it with a combination of hybrid IT solutions. 

I – Infrastructure: Prepare for the future through integrating hybrid IT infrastructure. 

J – Justify: Justify your hybrid IT solution through seamless integration of your clouds and on-premise infrastructure. 

K – Keep: Keep the resources you need in-house while still taking advantage of public cloud benefits. 

L – Lower Cost: Take advantage of lower costs by only paying for what you consume. 

M – Modernisation: Accelerate modernisation with new infrastructure and a hybridised IT environment. 

N – No Limitations: Get flexibility across how you access your data and applications, without pigeonholing yourself to one environment. 

O – Outsourcing: Effectively outsource and secure infrastructure without the capital outlay of managed cycle refreshes. 

P – Provisioning: Get the security, control and agility end-users demand through hybrid cloud provisioning. 

Q – Quality Control: Get quality management systems that streamline your IT environment and allow you to implement a broader mix of IT services. 

R – Resources: Get the best of both environments and seamlessly migrate resources between public and private clouds. 

S – SMBs: The perfect solution for small to medium sized businesses, with a mix of on-premise and cloud infrastructure. 

T – Transformation: Survival in the digital economy requires digital transformation, that’s why embracing the nature of hybrid IT services management is integral to your business’s success! 

U – Usage: With metered usage, your business gets better control over cost forecasting with hybrid IT cloud architecture. 

V – Value: Still getting value out of your current IT infrastructure? Seek a hybrid IT management approach to leverage cloud technologies while still making the most of it! 

W – Workloads: With your on-premise data centre, private and public cloud resources consolidated, your workloads are tied under one management system while staying distinct. 

X –  XaaS: Leverage an as-a-Service solution from a single IT services provider to deliver a tailored, hybridised IT environment! 

Y – YES: Say yes to the flexibility, security and scalability of a hybrid IT service management strategy. 

Z – Zen: That feeling you get when your IT environment works how you need it to, when you need it to.

With the COVID-19 crisis of 2020 reshaping the way businesses look at IT – realising that it is a vital part of business continuity – this is the perfect time to start your hybrid IT conversation with stakeholders. And we’re here to help you find the right mix for your environment.