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Complimentary Copilot Readiness Workshop

Speak to a Copilot expert today a readiness workshop free of charge. From this workshop you will leave with both:

A Copilot readiness Report:

Assess your organisation’s potential for using Copilot effectively.

A Copilot Adoption Plan

Create a strategy for maximising team productivity with Copilot.

This workshop will help you:

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Webinar: Map your course to an AI future with FUJIFILM CodeBlue Australia and Microsoft Copilot.
How Microsoft Copilot can help SMBs work smarter and faster

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Access to skills

For a successful Microsoft Copilot implementation, access to the right skills is a must – but many businesses simply do not have that capability in-house. FUJIFILM CodeBlue Australia can lend our expertise while helping you reskill your workforce. Our architects and technical teams have undergone comprehensive education on Microsoft Copilot. This includes in-depth knowledge of the architecture and insights into the security posture of a M365 environment. Let us equip you with the right skills to safeguard your systems effectively. Our team also understands the data landscape, along with security and privacy policies. We know the roadmap of technical and security remediation, and can equip you with the right rollout plans, ensuring a proactive approach to enhancing your security posture.

With FUJIFILM CodeBlue Australia, you can empower your team to catch what others miss, move faster, and over time, strengthen your own expertise.

Explosion of data

Successful Microsoft Copilot model implementation requires consistent access to structured and bias-free data for meaningful outcomes. Unfortunately, businesses often struggle with data handling, organisation, compliance, and security issues, which complicates Microsoft Copilot adoption.

Rising costs

There is no one-size-fits-all AI solution, and customisation is critical according to the unique needs of your organisation. Creating an AI talent pool of technical expert roles for custom solutions can be cost-prohibitive and investing in advanced technical infrastructure gets expensive for businesses.

Impact to team culture

Microsoft Copilot requires more than data mastery. Adopting Microsoft Copilot broadly will likely place a premium on soft skills and organisational flexibility. Figuring out how humans and computers can build off each other’s strengths is a challenge and will impact company culture. The culture change required to implement Microsoft Copilot should not be ignored.

Regulatory compliance issues

Despite the widespread enthusiasm surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), its generative AI (Gen AI) component, and the enormous potential benefits of both, the laws and regulations governing the new technology remain sparse. While developing a comprehensive and cohesive AI regulatory framework will be a lengthy process, the clarity that this will provide will ultimately advance the interests of SMBs and their customers. This uncertainty represents a challenge – essential compliance obligations can and should be applied. Core compliance principles such as training, testing, monitoring and auditing are all essential in developing Microsoft Copilot policies.

The Risk of Ineffective Implementation

Microsoft Copilot also introduces new risks and liabilities that need reviewing. Microsoft Copilot risk comes in many forms, including unreliable or opaque outputs, intellectual property risks, data privacy concerns and cyber threats. There are also emerging regulatory risks related to the rules and restrictions that different jurisdictions may place on Microsoft Copilot, including those related to copyright. Your organization will need to define its risk appetite as it relates to degrees of automation and degrees of transparency.

Unlock efficiency

Early adopters of Microsoft Copilot have seamlessly integrated this generative AI tool into their daily workflows, reaping substantial rewards. You could gain valuable insights into work processes, leading to improved efficiency and time savings. Manual meeting note-taking is now a thing of the past. Spend significantly less time searching for documents across platforms like Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. Get early marks in your content writing activities, such as crafting RFP response documents or presentations in PowerPoint, which are all now streamlined with Copilot. Take back control of your work commitments by identifying items (emails, assigned tasks) that require responses quickly and turn your focus back to growing your business.

Experience the future of workplace productivity with Copilot for M365!

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Generative AI refers to a class of artificial intelligence techniques that create new content or data rather than relying solely on existing examples. It involves training models to generate novel outputs, such as text, images, or music, based on patterns learned from large datasets. In the context of Copilot, Generative AI powers its ability to assist with code generation, writing, and creative content. With Microsoft Copilot you can leverage this technology in a safe and secure way.

As of now, Microsoft Copilot is not automatically included in Microsoft 365 licenses. It is a separate offering and can be accessed through specific subscriptions or licensing options. To use Copilot, you’ll need to subscribe to it separately or check if it’s available as part of any developer or enterprise plans. Best to speak to an expert to understand your current license for your organisation.

The pricing for Microsoft Copilot varies depending on the subscription or licensing model. It may be available as part of specific developer tools, enterprise plans, or standalone subscriptions. I recommend checking Microsoft’s official website or contacting their sales team for the most up-to-date pricing information.

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