Managed SD-WAN and Network Services

Looking for a flexible and scalable SD-WAN solution to support your cloud transformation?

From assessing the health of your network to designing, implementing, managing, and working to secure your network environment, our dedicated experts are committed to supporting your mission with managed SD-WAN and network services.

All of our network service solutions are fully managed, enabling you to free staff and resources to concentrate on your cloud transformation strategy and other core objectives.

Is Your Network Holding Back Your Cloud Transformation?

Many businesses face challenges with network performance and management, affecting productivity, user experience and the security of your data. These challenges make migrating to the cloud complicated and, from a security perspective, risky.

Moreover, assigning your IT team to manage your network means that they’ll have less time to focus on innovation or your organisation’s growth initiatives.

Here’s how your legacy network can be holding you back:

Cloud transformation primarily relies on moving your applications, services, and user data to cloud-based platforms to access improvements in manageability, scalability and efficiency.

A poor network can significantly hinder migrating to the cloud, presenting challenges such as security concerns, compliance and governance issues, limited redundancy and inefficient scalability.

An unreliable and outdated network can present an obstacle to your organisation’s growth. With poor performance, limited availability and scalability, and security concerns, traditional networks are just not fit for the purpose.

User experience in your organisation can suffer due to network congestion, insufficient prioritisation, inefficient bandwidth usage, and lack of application visibility for network administrators.

This results in delays, disruptions, and inconsistent performance for time-sensitive cloud applications only, leading to dissatisfied employees and customers.

Adopting a hybrid approach can expand the attack surface for your network, leaving your organisation vulnerable to cyber security risks like ransomware and malware.

A network that’s not designed with cloud security in mind will hinder your cloud transformation efforts.

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How Can Managed SD-WAN Network Services Support Your Strategy?

Our Managed SD-WAN solutions can support your cloud transformation strategy by improving user experience, enhancing security, and adding much-needed flexibility and scalability.

Some of the benefits of SD-WAN include:

Seamless User Experience, No Matter the Location

Our managed SD-WAN solution aims to deliver a stable and reliable network environment that ensures a seamless user experience no matter where your operations take place or where your users are.

Through proactive network management, we work to safeguard your network against disruptions that could lead to extended downtime, guaranteeing smoother and uninterrupted business operations.

Optimising data networks is another key aspect of our services, aimed at enhancing overall performance. By aiming to maintain your data networks at an optimal state, we facilitate faster data transfers, improve application response times, and boost productivity for your end-users.

Moreover, our managed SD-WAN services help you maximise application performance by strategically prioritising traffic and optimising bandwidth utilisation by routing time-sensitive applications over priority paths while directing SaaS application traffic over the internet.

This way, you can make the most out of your network resources and ensure optimal application experiences for your workforce.

Flexible and Agile Management

SD-WAN offers flexible and agile management by connecting branch offices to cloud resources and the core network with dynamic adaptability.

Its scalability allows easy expansion to meet changing business needs, maintaining performance while connecting more sites. Security features enable data integrity and protection, while automation reduces manual intervention.

Additionally, multi-cloud support enhances application performance, and SD-Branch integration simplifies management across various network locations within your organisation.

Next Generation Firewall Security

Our SD-WAN solution integrates a Next Gen Firewall (NGFW) that offers advanced security features like deep packet inspection, malware defence, intrusion prevention, protection, and application-level control.

By consistently applying security policies both on and off the network, you can significantly minimise the risk of cyber threats and data breaches, protect sensitive data, and seek to ensure compliance, supporting your wider cloud transformation strategy.

Enhanced Performance

SD-WAN allows the automatic provisioning of application policies that align with business intent.

Intelligently directing WAN traffic based on Service Level Agreements (SLAs), SD-WAN improves and maintains application performance, while continuously measuring WAN performance.

Such a proactive approach enables SD-WAN to reduce performance degradation by failing over to better-performing WAN links.

Reduce Network Investments

By converging networking and security into a unified Secure SD-WAN solution and combining it with centralised orchestration, you can reduce the number of point products needed to manage your network. This helps you eliminate operational complexity while achieving the best possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Integrated Security

Our Managed SD-WAN solution allows for transition to SASE and SD-Branch architectures, which can provide consistent security postures and optimal user experience for your hybrid workforce.

CodeBlue Delivers Superior Managed Network Services

FUJIFILM CodeBlue Australia is an Australian Managed IT Services provider backed by a global company FUJIFILM Business Innovation.

We offer our SD-WAN solution as a managed network service. Compared to other similar solutions on the market, we provide customers with post-deployment support under our managed network services. We also offer support for your wider network, including WIFI and LAN environments.

Our goal is to enable our customers to direct their resources to key business initiatives while we keep things running efficiently and securely.

We enable business resilience by supporting end users irrespective of their geographical location, we can help you achieve true business resilience and growth.

With over 250 employees spanning 11 locations and 4 dedicated IT service desk centres, our network services team is always available to support your business.

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SD-WAN is a virtual networking system that allows organisations to combine multiple transport services, enabling seamless network connectivity between users and their applications in a secure and scalable network environment.

Managed SD-WAN is a solution that provides businesses with a simple and secure way to manage network connections. It covers end-to-end management, essential applications, monitoring and analytics, and security services.

The primary difference between SD-WAN and WAN is that SD-WAN provides centralised network control and dynamic traffic management, which traditional WAN solutions lack.

Universal SASE is a comprehensive Cloud-centric SASE solution to secure the hybrid workforce with the same underlying OS, AI-powered services, unified agent, management and experience monitoring.

SD-WAN and VPN serve different purposes. SD-WAN acts as a gateway to a network, facilitating smooth routing over multiple connections. On the other hand, VPNs are a network-based method for sending traffic between two devices, typically connected through a single link.

SD-WAN provides multiple traffic routing paths to choose from, compared to VPNs that only support one. Additionally, SD-WAN is much more flexible than VPNs because you can use it to centrally manage different types of networks.

SD-WAN has two key advantages over MPLS, which are:

  • Better protection against vulnerabilities
  • Enhanced visibility and flexibility for users to access the network

Organisations use SD-WAN companies to securely connect applications and information across different office locations. Additionally, it simplifies the WAN architecture and management by centralising control over all network resources.

SD-WAN technology is designed to securely connect users and applications across various locations, providing enhanced performance, reliability, and scalability. Moreover, it automates WAN management, offering better visibility into WANs across networks.