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We get it. Sometimes you need to see it to believe it but might not be ready to chat to someone in person. That’s why we’ve collected these handy videos to help you learn more how 8×8 could unify and enhance your business.

Meet 8×8: The eXperience Communciations Platform

8×8 for Microsoft Teams

Curious to see how 8×8 could help unify your business?

Tell us your communications challenge or goal and our communications experts can step you through 8×8’s application in a no-obligation demonstration of the platform.

8×8 Contact Centre

8×8 voice for Microsoft Teams

8×8 Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams

Need to integrate 8×8 with your current environment?

8×8 integrates with multiple platforms, including Slack, Dynamics, Salesforce and Google Workspace. Chat with our experts to discuss your requirements.

Integrating 8×8 into your environment

8×8 can help you unified your voice, video and chat platforms all into one, creating a unified experience for you and your team. Your call centre can also be integrated into your 8×8 ecosystem, making it easier for you to manage and maintain.

New to the world of unified communications? Our experts have you covered. They’ll be with you each step of the way, from planning to deployment. You’ll also have access to on going service and support.

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