Sci-fi tech that’s not so sci-fi anymore

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There’s an evolution happening in the office – a technology evolution. The futuristic ideals of classic science fiction movies and television shows are no longer as far-fetched as we once thought and today’s offices have a lot of additions that seemed impossible a decade ago. We took a look at some of the tech entering the workplace that may end up being taken for granted in another decade:

The mobile office

The four walls of the office are no longer applicable. Today’s businesses work anywhere, anytime and need the technology to enable it. Portable products with collaboration tools that allow staff to work anywhere, anytime are now expected as standard. Tools like the HP Elitebook series offer light, tough laptops with mobility additions like call buttons and better audio, as well as the ability to connect to a desktop through docking is quickly becoming standard.

Convertible laptops

As if portability wasn’t enough, today’s laptops are also designed for more than one job. In fact, many can be transformed into several other products, including the ability to project presentations or shift into a tablet in seconds. This adds to the anywhere, anytime mentality, making it easy for staff to transport and share their work and removing bulk from bags.

Virtual reality

Although not common yet, using simulated worlds in the office could have many business applications in the future. Salespeople can show products on the road, mechanics can review cars from afar, HR can train employees through simulated scenarios and much more. The applications for VR are huge. One vendor who recognises this is HP, offering the HP Z Workstation that collates everything into one portable product.

Revolutionised printing

It may sound like a simple task but have you ever stood at a printer frustrated nothing is happening only to have to walk back to your computer and check it all again? Today’s printers are not only more compact and more secure, but can also be accessed via other devices such as phones, allowing staff to connect and print on the spot, making troubleshooting and altering print jobs easier.

If you compared today’s offices to those from even a decade ago, the differences would make the two look like they were from different worlds. These changes enable a more productive, efficient space. But in order for all of this to work, the technology needs a solid foundation to work from. We discuss how the future workplace is changing from the ground up in this blog.

If you’re not sure where to start or need help planning your transformation, whether it be the foundation your business is built on or the tools your staff use, our expert team at CodeBlue can help. Get in touch to see how.

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