What is a Cloud Transformation & Why Does Your Business Need It

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Even if you’re running a business that currently uses cloud computing to carry out key functions, it’s possible that you still might not know exactly what cloud transformation is, or the role it plays for an organisation. So whether you’re new to using the cloud in business or an expert who knows everything there is to know, in this blog we’ll make sure you’re clued in on the basics of cloud transformation by going over what it is, the approaches that some businesses take to it, and the keys to a successful cloud transformation.

What is cloud transformation?

Cloud transformation is the process by which an organisation migrates to the cloud, by moving its apps, desktops, data, and other computing elements from local storage to servers that are accessed through the internet. These transformations can be rapid, however most organisations undergo cloud transformations at a rate that allows them to optimise their performance throughout the process, with as little disruption to their operation as possible.

What are IaaS and PaaS?

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) are the two prominent methods of cloud transformation, as opposed to cloud software which allows organisations to use third-party applications via the internet – software-as-a-service (SaaS). For PaaS, an organisation will need a cloud partner to handle their network and overall platform while their apps are reconfigured to work on a cloud platform, while with IaaS, apps don’t need to be reconfigured. However, you won’t get all the benefits of using the cloud, unless also using PaaS to migrate certain parts of the application.

Ensuring a successful cloud transformation

Having a cloud roadmap that sets out the steps, goals, expected outcomes, and checkpoints – among other things – of a cloud transformation is a crucial element of planning your move to the cloud. Finding a cloud provider that can promise a roadmap that will be followed end-to-end is just as important as making sure that your cloud provider can offer the cloud services, capabilities, and features that you want – there’s no point in being able to innovate your application if you’re unsure about how you’ll get to the finished product.

Choosing the right cloud partner

Overall, making sure that you have a cloud partner that’s experienced with the platform is perhaps the most important element for a smooth and successful cloud transformation: an experienced cloud partner will be able to move you to the cloud faster, and will know how to avoid common issues and pitfalls that come up during a transformation.

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